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Rare cancers - the overlooked minority

One of the problems with having a rare cancer is that there is very little money that goes into research and as a consequence the cost of treatment doesn't get funded by the PBS.  Which means that treatment costs are exorbitant. Most people just can't afford it....

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Christmas spirit

With Christmas fast approaching goodwill and good tidings morph into stress and rising levels of tension. The sheer madness of the Christmas shopping rush - you just know that people are going to buy out all the fresh produce in the supermarket because its holiday time and...

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Christmas traditions

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat.  Once upon a time it was traditional to have roast goose for Christmas.  Now everyone has turkey.   The thing I really miss about Christmas is that Christmas cards have gone the way of tinsel - no longer necessary,...

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Ida Lupino: film noir

Currently running at QAGOMA is an Ida Lupino film festival, screening films that she both starred in and directed. Ida Lupino was an English-American actress and singer, who became a pioneering director and producer—the only woman working within the 1950s Hollywood studio system to do...

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Chinese spag bol anyone?

Ok, its not really spag bol but its based onto same premise:  noodles and mince.  Nothing  really beats a good spag bol but when you want something really quick and Chinese without too many vegetables to chop, this is the go. Super easy.  The heat is from the...

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Reef cod with red pepper salsa

This sauce goes really well with fish - I used reef cod, coated in a parmesan crust - but could easily work just as well with chicken fillets and with baby calamari (though I'd probably spice it up a bit for that).  It's a versatile sauce where...

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